As a Red Teamer, there is nothing more frustrating than discovering that your initial attack vector to a system no longer works. All of the time and hard work spent getting initial execution on the server/endpoint only to find out that the system got patched. …

When people think of a typical hacker, they often picture a suspicious-looking fellow sporting a hooded black sweatshirt hunched over a laptop mashing a keyboard. A quick Google image search for the term “hacker” verifies this.

google this yourself — it is amusing

The highly-rated TV drama ‘Mr. Robot’ is the most realistic representation of a hacker…

An important function of IT and security teams is the management and securement of enterprise endpoints. This is a somewhat trivial task when there are limited endpoints to oversee. What if there are 100 or even 1000 endpoints? What if the endpoints being managed vary in their common daily use…

Tom Bolen

Red Teamer — Penetration Tester

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